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STATE: Keystone Bios due to Lancaster Farming See details below
Nov 14 2022 12:00AM - Nov 14 2022 12:00AM
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Advisors of Keystone Degree applicants,


See information below. Please send info if you are submitting an application.

We will pull the info IF the student is not approved.


Thank you!




The contents of listed below should be copy and pasted into the body of the email


The email should be sent to rschweitzer@lancasterfarming.com by Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. The name of the student should be used to name the photo (SEE BELOW) and email subject line.


No exceptions to this deadline will be made. Early submissions are encouraged. Once an email is received, a confirmation email will be sent. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days of submission, please call Rebecca Schweitzer at 717-721-4459 or Melissa Harrop at 717-721-4426.


FFA advisers are encouraged to send all of their students’ information together. (i.e. If there are four students from one chapter, send the bios for two students in one email and the bios for the other two students in a second email.) It’s always beneficial to state in the email whose information is attached. Please specify if a photo is not going to be provided.


If you are in doubt about a student receiving a Keystone Degree, please submit their bio and photo by the deadline just in case. It’s much easier to remove a student’s information because it’s not possible to add it after the deadline.


SUBMIT PHOTOS HERE - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tMED8ApgC1rsnRXGq4q1JRJ48VYDOicu?usp=share_link

A high-resolution, large photo of the student. (If a senior photo is not available, FFA advisers are encouraged to take a photo of the student for submission.)


Keystone Degree Winner Info for Lancaster Farming








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Michael Brammer

PA FFA Executive Director

NASAE President

PO Box 61663

Harrisburg, PA 17106




“Growing Leaders, Building Communities and Strengthening Agriculture”



Monday, November 28, 2022

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